radio texas


The same way Rosita found us, our goal is to provide,

'Radio That Finds You'

texas radioWhich is why,
Our Mission is not to favor a specific genre, we play them all! From rock, country, folk, blues, Texas, to old time gospel! It's always a surprise what'll play next! How do we do this, because there's no one to tell us we can't! In fact, if you have a cd and want to be on our station, Rosita wants you!

After all, you don't find something new, if you don't do something new!

Even if you're not here, no reason why you can't join us in the Frontier! So, kick back, turn up the volume, grab your favorite beverage, click on the webcam, or watch your own sunset and enjoy the music.

Remember, whatever you do, enjoy what you're doing, and thank you for tuning into 'Rosita Radio'

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